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Welcome to Nevada Performance Academy

The Stage is Set for an Entirely New Educational Experience

Scheduled to open in the Fall of 2014, the NEVADA PERFORMANCE ACADEMY (NPA) offers a unique, arts-based and arts-infused, academic program that provides a distinct option for 7-12 grade students looking for challenging curriculum, leading to strong educational outcomes. At NPA, we promote academic excellence and student success by identifying and developing each student’s individual interests and talents. Utilizing an emphasis on active engagement and product-based learning, students at NPA build essential skills and knowledge related to thinking critically and creatively, communicating effectively, and excelling academically and intellectually.

The NEVADA PERFORMANCE ACADEMY utilizes a technology-based, blended format structure that allows students the flexibility to pursue their interests and turn their passion into performance. Located in Carson City and serving all of northern Nevada, NPA employs fully certified teachers and community-based experts to craft a high-quality, student-focused educational environment that gives learners the opportunity, and guidance, to achieve at their highest level.    more info >